An Aquifer-Test Preprocessor for the Ground-Water Flow Model Calibration Program MODOPTIM and its Application to a Well Field in Duval County, Florida
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A method was developed to generate the input filesneeded to compute the hydraulic properties fromaquifer-performance test data for confined aquifers(such as the Floridan aquifer system) by using anaquifer-test preprocessor for the computer programMODOPTIM. MODOPTIM is a non-linear, groundwaterflow model calibration and management tool thatuses MODFLOW-96 to simulate cylindrical or axisymmetricflow in the vicinity of a pumping well for anyaquifer-well configuration. The preprocessor assumesthat the production well penetrates either the UpperFloridan aquifer only, or penetrates both the UpperFloridan aquifer and Lower Floridan aquifer. Theproduction well may fully or partially penetrate eitheraquifer. Input files needed to run MODOPTIM aregenerated by the aquifer-test preprocessor and theoptimal hydraulic parameter values are computed byrunning MODOPTIM, which determines the set ofparameter values that minimizes the sum-of-squareddifferences between simulated and measured drawdownsby using an iterative quasi-Newton algorithm.


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