Using the Mind to Beat Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Guided Imagery Gerald White Author
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For the first time, an exciting new technique called Guided Imagery is being applied specifically to helping those wishing a hand up in the battle with addictions and substance abuse. In autumn of 1993, a then record, 20 pound kidney cancer ambushed Gerald White at the peak of a successful scientific career. After 2 killer surgeries and 8 solid months of treatment failed, he was left to reckon with that dreaded pronouncement that every cancer patient dreads to hear; There is nothing more we can do and you likely have 3 more months at most. Gerald actually told his doctor that, If medical science cannot solve this problem , then engineering science will and I will not die in these three months!. The program that Gerald White developed, using the resources contained within the bodies own immune system, made use of a purely mental approach to kill out the cancer cells and achieve a full remission has been shared with cancer patients all over the world. More detailed information about this may be found on his website: . This book, Using the Mind to Beat Alcohol and Drug Addiction With Guided Imagery, represents the first time ever for this method to be presented in a reader friendly narrative that has been developed specifically for the private use of those wishing help with getting rid of the burdens imposed by addiction. In this book we explore some of the happenings at the cellular level that lead to addiction and, in seeking to understand the mechanisms of addictions, we find a hope that is there within the cellular makeup of the human body waiting to be called into the fight. This program is very friendly, non invasive, self administered and scheduled, can be done in the privacy of one's own home as often as required and, perhaps best of all, is cost free. This book was written to give people who are interested in fighting addiction with the resources of their own mind, the how as well as the why of an exciting new scientific as well as a spiritually based reason to hope. . If, by force of logic, we can turn those cravings into hope and then move through hope to expectation, then the stage is set for recovery. It IS possible! You CAN defeat addiction!!.


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