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What Is Twitter?What is Twitter? Well, where have you been.. LOL? Twitter would have to be the fastest growing site on the web today. It is taking the internet by storm and there are around 10,000 new users per day signing up to participate in this internet revolution.Twitter is best described as a micro blogging platform. You are limited to 140 characters each time you do an update, which initially, may seem a small amount. However, as you become more experienced, it's just amazing what you can fit into 140 characters.That said, Twitter is much, much more than that. It is like one huge global chat room, but then again, it doesn't have to be. It all depends on how many people you follow on Twitter. If it's in the thousands, then your Tweet stream will be running fast and furious with everything that's coming in. If you are only following a few hundred, or even less, then things are much easier to keep up with.Twitter is also a great way to meet new people online, particularly those with similar interests to you. I will show you how to do this more as we progress through this report.Table of ContentsWhat Is Twitter?How To Set UpRegistrationYour SettingsDevicesNoticesPicture TabDesign TabTwitter Client ApplicationsYour TweetsRepliesRetweetingThe Big DecisionGaining FollowersSome Good People To Start WithTwellowMr TweetGraderAdvanced Tweeting TipsTwitter BackgroundsSocialTooTweetLaterTwitterfeedSplitTweetTwitdomFriendfeedYour Twitter KarmaConclusion


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