LETTERS OF A WOMAN HOMESTEADER Elinore Pruitt Stewart Author
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CONTENTS I. THE ARRIVAL AT BURNT FORK 3 II. FILING A CLAIM 7 III. A BUSY, HAPPY SUMMER 15 IV. A CHARMING ADVENTURE AND ZEBULON PIKE 23 V. SEDALIA AND REGALIA 45 VI. A THANKSGIVING-DAY WEDDING 54 VII. ZEBULON PIKE VISITS HIS OLD HOME 60 VIII. A HAPPY CHRISTMAS 64 IX. A CONFESSION 77 X. THE STORY OF CORA BELLE 81 XI. ZEBBIE'S STORY 100 XII. A CONTENTED COUPLE 117 XIII. PROVING UP 133 XIV. THE NEW HOUSE 137 XV. THE STOCKING-LEG DINNER 143 XVI. THE HORSE-THIEVES 157 XVII. AT GAVOTTE'S CAMP 180XVIII. THE HOMESTEADER'S MARRIAGE AND A LITTLE FUNERAL 184 XIX. THE ADVENTURE OF THE CHRISTMAS TREE 193 XX. THE JOYS OF HOMESTEADING 213 XXI. A LETTER OF JERRINE'S 218 XXII. THE EFFICIENT MRS. O'SHAUGHNESSY 220XXIII. HOW IT HAPPENED 225 XXIV. A LITTLE ROMANCE 230 XXV. AMONG THE MORMONS 256 XXVI. SUCCESS 279 * * * * *LETTERS OF A WOMAN HOMESTEADERITHE ARRIVAL AT BURNT FORK BURNT FORK, WYOMING, _April 18, 1909._DEAR MRS. CONEY,--Are you thinking I am lost, like the Babes in the Wood? Well, I am notand I'm sure the robins would have the time of their lives gettingleaves to cover me out here. I am 'way up close to the Forest Reserveof Utah, within half a mile of the line, sixty miles from the railroad.I was twenty-four hours on the train and two days on the stage, and oh,those two days! The snow was just beginning to melt and the mud wasabout the worst I ever heard of.The first stage we tackled was just about as rickety as it could verywell be and I had to sit with the driver, who was a Mormon and sohandsome that I was not a bit offended when he insisted on making loveall the way, especially after he told me that he was a widower Mormon.But, of course, as I had no chaperone I looked very fierce (not thatthat was very difficult with the wind and mud as allies) and told himmy actual opinion of Mormons in general and particular.


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