The Characters We Play in Life Are the Secret Doors to Confidence & Success Eric Stone Author
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The ideas presented here are related to power of effective communication. I present strategies to empower anyone interested in becoming a better communicator. It is intended as background insights and techniques into a better understanding of human interactions and what we commonly call communication. Communication permeates everything we do and it literally confirms who we are; it validates it, otherwise why would we attempt to communicate with what we see, hear, touch and feel? I am aiming for this book to give the reader practical tools to use in everyday communication and reveal the extraordinary potential of effective communication in one's life. This book covers key distinctions or primary ingredients for better communication. It also investigates pseudo modes of communication, self-consciousness and the power of the masks we wear to conceal or reveal who we are. I am one of those people who believe that we do what we do in order to know ourselves better and reach our true potential. Awareness, fueled by the right instinctive and intuitive flow of information, is the key component to self-knowledge and hence, a smoother ride in life.


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