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Keeping termites away from your home in the first place can be the best way to save moneyalthough you will still want to have at least annual treatments to make sure that they dont comearound in the first place. But taking measures to be sure that conditions are not conducive totheir survival just makes sense.First, dont feed them. Whether you know it or not, by having certain conditions present in andaround your house, you are giving the termites a food source that will sustain the colony andkeep them reproducing making more and more termites that will damage your home.Keep your gutters clean. Wet leaves provide moisture and food for the pests, and since thegutters are attached to your home, its an easy point of entry. Clogged gutters can alsocontribute to moisture problems by soaking wood off the roof and fascia boards.Wood piles and construction debris, boards left touching the ground or fences without properground clearance can all be food sources. Cardboard is also a favorite food of termites anddamp cardboard around or under a house could provide an ideal opportunity for termites.Building a deck? Make concrete barriers part of your plan and be sure to use borate-treated,pressurized wood. The USDAs Forest Service has a bulletin on subterranean termites with helpful hints on construction practices.Your contractor may also have suggestions for preventing termite infestations. Stucco facadesextending near or into the soil surface provide a haven for termites, allowing them to move intoa home undetected.Termites love moisture which is why they feed on damp wood. Make sure the air conditionertank is at least four inches from your house. Dont let it leak near your house. Dryers should ventaway from the house the warm air is moisture-saturated from dried clothes. Washers shoulddrain away from the house, too.Check for leaky faucets and make fixing them a priority. Flat roofs are a bad idea; they harbormoisture and invite infestation. Summer sprinkler play is fun for kids, but make sure the faucet is turned off tightly after thewater games are finished. Insulation around pipes should not extend all the way from the houseto the soil. After cold spells are over, the insulation should be removed or at least have a gaplarge enough to allow home owners to detect termites.Contents:TermiteWhat Are TermitesHow To Detect TermitesTermite IdentificationTermite IllustrationsTermite Appearance And MorphologySt. Pete TermiteTreating For TermitesDo-It-Yourself Termite TreatmentTermite PreventionInfrared Technology In Termite DetectionInfrared Technology And Termite InspectionInfrared Cameras Find Areas Of HeatTermite DamageThe Real Truth About Termite DamagePictures Of Termite DamageEffect Of Termite DamageAmount Of Damage A Termite Can DoCan A Termite See?Allstate Indemnity Coverage And Termite DamageBayer Termite ControlBuilding Structural Repair For Termite Damage In NJDo It Yourself Termite TreatmentEliminate Termite ControlHomemade Termite KillerTermite Killer - Clever Way To Make ThemNatural Termite TreatmentNpma-33 Termite Inspection FormTermite Inspection FraudPhotos Termite Damage InfestationAdvance Termite SystemPhantom Termite TreatmentTermidor Termite Treatment Vs. SentriconTermite ApprenticeTermite DeterrentsTermite Home TreatmentTermite Inspection ExteriorTermite Resistant MulshKeeping Termites Away By Using MulshesTermites Resistant To Cypress and Redwood Mulshes


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