How Much Does That Coffee Really Cost – The Ultimate Guide to Saving For Retirement Scott Falls Author
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As one of the administrators of a 401k plan for a fairly large company I’m noticing more and more that people are either drastically reducing or completely eliminating their retirement contributions. This is either because the economy has them in fear and they don’t want to put money at risk or they haven’t had a raise in multiple years, yet the price of just about everything keeps rising regardless.Whatever the reason people are short-changing their futures to live today without sacrifice. Unfortunately, that will most likely mean that they’ll have to make some sacrifices down the road. I know what you’re thinking “How can I possibly save for retirement when I’m barely making it through the month?”I’ve had this conversation with hundreds of people and my response is always the same. Start small and watch it grow.But starting isn’t always easy, whether small or not.That’s where this guide comes in. I outline 11 of the simplest ways to save money without any dramatic changes to your current lifestyle and then give you the best options for saving that new found money. I will instill in you the “Saving Mindset” that starts with little tiny changes and then grows to really become who you are. It actually becomes infectious; you will become addicted to saving money. The more it grows the more addicted you’ll become.There is something extraordinarily exciting about watching an account grow from zero to your first $100, to your first $1,000, to your first $10,000, $100,000… to your first Million! Yes it’s absolutely possible.But the key is to start RIGHT NOW and this guide is the ULTIMATE place to start.If you need another reason:MY MOVIE THEATRE TIP WILL SAVE YOU MORE THAN THE COST OF THIS BOOK THE VERY FIRST TIME YOU USE IT!!(And it’s NOT what you think it is)If you need more, of course there is always my wit and sense of humor that makes it actually fun to read. There is no techno-jargon in this book. It was written in plain English so everyone will benefit from the concepts in the book.One more thing please let me know which tips actually helped you the most in reaching you’re first $1,000,000!From the author of The “Master Excel Training” series; comes the $5 Personal Finance series helping people with no financial background make sound financial decisions in plain English.“How Much Does That Coffee Really Cost – The Ultimate Guide to Saving For Retirement”


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