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CONTENTSCHAPTERI. GENTLE SISTER SOUTH WIND ARRIVESII. JOHNNY CHUCK RECEIVES CALLERSIII. THE SINGERS OF THE SMILING POOLIV. JOHNNY CHUCK FINDS OUT WHO THE SWEET SINGERS AREV. JOHNNY CHUCK BECOMES DISSATISFIEDVI. JOHNNY CHUCK TURNS TRAMPVII. JOHNNY'S FIRST ADTENTUREVIII. JOHNNY HAS ANOTHER ADVENTUREIX. ANOTHER STRANGE CHUCKX. WHY JOHNNY CHUCK DIDN'T FIGHTXI. THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLDXII. JOHNNY CHUCK PROVES HIS LOVEXIII. POLLY AND JOHNNY CHUCK GO HOUSE HUNTINGXIV. A NEW HOME AT LASTXV. SAMMY JAY FINDS THE NEW HOMEXVI. SAMMY JAY PLANS MISCHIEFXVII. MORE MISCHIEFXVIII. FARMER BROWN'S BOY MAKES A DISCOVERYXIX. JOHNNY CHUCK'S PRIDEXX. SAMMY JAY UNDERSTANDSXXI. SAMMY JAY HAS A CHANGE OF HEARTXXII. JOHNNY CHUCK IS KEPT BUSYXXIII. THE SCHOOL IN THE OLD ORCHARDXXIV. SAMMY JAY PROVES THAT HE IS NOT ALL BADLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONSJOHNNY CHUCK BADE CHATTERER GOOD-BY AND STARTED ON FrontispieceIS IT REALLY AND TRULY YOU, JOHNNY CHUCK? HE CRIEDHO, HO, HO! THAT'S THE BEST JOKE THIS SPRING! SHOUTED JERRY MUSKRATWITH A SQUEAL OF RAGE, JOHNNY SPRANG AT THE GRAY OLD CHUCKIF POLLY WANTED TO LIVE THERE SHE SHOULDHAVE YOU CALLED ON JOHNNY CHUCK AT HIS NEW HOME YET? ASKED SAMMY JAYIGENTLE SISTER SOUTH WIND ARRIVESGood news, good news for every one, above or down below,For Master Winsome Bluebird's come to whistle off the snow!All the Green Meadows and all the Green Forest had heard the news.Peter Rabbit had seen to that. And just as soon as each of the littlemeadow and forest folks heard it, he hurried out to listen for himselfand make sure that it was true. And each, when he heard that sweetvoice of Winsome Bluebird, had kicked up his heels and shoutedHurrah!You see they all knew that Winsome Bluebird never is very far ahead ofgentle Sister South Wind, and that when she arrives, blustering, roughBrother North Wind is already on his way back to the cold, cold landwhere the ice never melts.Of course Winsome Bluebird doesn't really whistle off the snow, butafter he comes, the snow disappears so fast that it seems as if hedid. It is surprising what a difference a little good news makes. Ofcourse nothing had really changed that first day when WinsomeBluebird's whistle was heard on the Green Meadows and in the GreenForest, but it seemed as if everything had changed. And it was allbecause that sweet whistle was a promise, a promise that every oneknew would come true. And so there was joy in all the hearts on theGreen Meadows and in the Green Forest. Even grim old Granny Fox feltit, and as for Reddy Fox, why, Reddy even shouted good-naturedly toPeter Rabbit and hoped he was feeling well.


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