Captain Kyd, Vol. II or The Wizard Of The Sea: A Nautical/Adventure Classic By Joseph Holt Ingraham! Joseph Holt Ingraham Author
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Excerpt:And I will remain with you, uncle, said Grace, suddenly appearing before them like a spirit, in her snowy night-robe, which seemed like a garment of pale light in the surrounding blackness and gloom; I will share the danger by your side, she added, with decision.There was no time to refuse her entreaty or conduct her to the cabin--the tempest burst upon them, as if a cloud, swelling with wind and rain, had broken over the vessel. Instantly all who were on their feet were prostrated. Howling and shrieking through the rigging, accompanied by a crashing and splintering that appalled every soul on board with the present sense of danger, it swept over them with terrific fury. Borne down by its weight, the vessel careened till she lay almost on her beam's end, while the mad surges leaped over her bulwarks and deluged the nearly perpendicular decks. The darkness became illumined by a wild, strange light from the foaming sea, and every object was distinctly seen by its supernatural glare. The captain got upon his feet, and, climbing to windward, lashed himself to the main rigging, and gave such orders as the crisis demanded. But his voice could not be heard, and his presence and example were alike useless at a moment like this. The vessel was driving in the van of the tempest with inconceivable velocity. The waves seemed to lift her hull, and hurl her onward like a feather. The brave seaman beheld many of his crew swept off, and saw them, without the power to help them, struggling amid the boiling sea; but their shrieks were lost in the louder shrieks of the wind, and the flying vessel soon left them far astern. Others were lashing themselves to the rigging; others clinging to the guns; and all were exerting themselves to preserve their lives. Casting his eyes aloft, he saw, with a pang of grief, that his main-topgallant-mast was gone, and that his fore-topmast was wounded and tottering fearfully at every pitch of the vessel. The first fury of the tempest was spent, and there being a momentary lull, it occurred to him that it might yet be saved.===================================================================Dear Readers:We are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting edge information with the latest and most popular ebooks & hot topics at very affordable prices. Our mission is to create positive change in your life. We carry hundreds of unique titles including Literary Classics under many categories for your convenience. Please click on the name BDP at the top of the page, next to the title, or write BDP at the search box and you will be taken to our main page in Barnes & Noble, where you will be able to check all the interesting, unique and informative titles that we carry.


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