How I Grew Million Dollar Internet Business Starting From Home: An Interview With Internet Entrepreneur David Riklan Michael Senoff Author
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David Riklan didn’t have a business model when he first bought his domain name years ago. He only wanted to help people, so he built a website that would act as a directory to other useful websites, and called it Now, that website makes him about $100,000 a month and counting. And in this audio you’ll hear all the steps he took to turn his part-time hobby into a full-on success -- with 1.3 visitors a month.David says the beauty of the Internet is that you can have a business up and running in no time flat with very little risk or technical skills. And with cheap hosting and domain names, your total start-up costs should be around $11 a month. Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Interview• Why it’s so important to know the difference between sales and marketing and where to use each to maximize their power in your business plan• David’s little-known, completely targeted (and kind of sneaky) way to form strategic partnerships and get website traffic • The only kind of paid advertising worth doing on the Internet nowadays• The 2 things David eventually ended up trying for his website that instantly made a difference in the amount of traffic and conversions he got• Exactly how David built 2 separate lists of site subscribers, why he did it, and what he does with each as part of his master plan• The most nerve-racking mistake David has ever made that had his partners up in arms, saying they never wanted to do business with him again – and how he fixed the problem• The almost magical way to combine affiliate sales, advertising, and your own products to turn an unheard-of “triple-stream” profit – in any economy• Four incredibly easy ways to build the perfect team – on the cheap• A quick must-do guide for anyone starting outDavid has strategic partnerships with more than 80,000 people that he works with in incredibly creative and profitable ways. He’s built a phenomenal site from scratch by developing and tweaking his own business model. And in this audio, you’ll hear how he did it and exactly what he sees as the next big idea for Internet growth.


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