Email Etiquette; Write Professional and Effective Emails With This Guide To Email Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, And Business Etiquette Rosario M. Pe
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Are you striving to be professional, but make simple grammar mistakes in your email? Would you like to learn professional email etiquette so you can continue to improve your career? Do you want to learn basic email grammar and punctuation so that your written communication is effective and professional? Then this book is for you! Email Etiquette teaches you common grammar mistakes and how you can correct them. It gives practical examples and even quizzes for you to practice your new writing skills. In addition, it teaches you the importance of proper punctuation and what ground rules to follow. Business etiquette is also important; such as reviewing emails before you send, including a standard signature in your emails, and other principles so that your emails will also be professional and grammatically correct. This book will help develop your writing skills so that you career can continue to excel. Look at some of the information you will learn from this book! Here are some of the chapters you won’t want to miss:Chapter 1: Email Grammar GuideChapter 2: Email Grammar TipsChapter 3: Email Punctuation MattersChapter 4: Email Punctuation PointersChapter 5: What Do Your Business Emails Reveal About You? Chapter 6: Email Spelling QuizChapter 7: Email Grammar Quiz Part 2Improve your grammar and punctuation today!


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