Helping Your Children With Their Homework: Discover The Simple Steps To Help Your Children Succeed In Learning Now! Bdp Author
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Research shows clearly that children are more likely to succeed in learning when their families actively support them. When family members read with their children, talk with their teachers, participate in school or other learning activities and help them with homework, they give children a tremendous advantage.At the heart of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is a promise to raise standards for all children and to help all children meet those standards. In support of this goal, President George W. Bush is committed to promoting the very best teaching programs. Well trained teachers and instruction that is based on research, can bring the best teaching approaches and programs to all children and help to ensure that no child is left behind.However, the hours in a school day are few and the time a teacher can spend with any one child is limited. Teachers need the understanding and help of families in supporting classroom instruction. One important way that families can lend this support is by taking an interest in the homework that their children bring home and by finding the most effective ways to help their children with that homework.Your interest in your children's education can spark their enthusiasm and lead them to understand that learning can be rewarding and is well worth the effort. We hope that you and your child find this booklet helpful.============================================================Dear Readers:We are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting edge information with the latest and most popular ebooks & hot topics at very affordable prices. Our mission is to create positive change in your life. We carry hundreds of unique titles including Literary Classics under many categories for your convenience. Please click on the name BDP at the top of the page, next to the title, or write BDP at the search box and you will be taken to our main page in Barnes & Noble, where you will be able to check all the interesting, unique and informative titles that we carry!


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