NLP In Business And In Life! (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Ken Strong Author
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Synopsis:You are the owner and operator of the most amazing, beautiful, and complicated computing device ever invented – your brain.When you buy a new camera, or a new printer, or a new microwave oven, you most likely take some time to look through the manual and learn about what your new purchase can do, and how to operate it and get the most use out of it. Yet your brain did not come with an owner’s manual (how many pages long would something like that be, anyway?). So it’s no surprise that people have occasional difficulty controlling how their brain works. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be described as studying how each of us builds our own mental and conceptual map of the world that we live in.NLP means different things to different people, since there is no central governing authority or set of rules regarding its definition and practice.But basically NLP helps us get out of our own way. We build up an arsenal of often-unconscious ways of reacting to certain situations in our lives, and often those reactions have become outmoded and unproductive. If we identify and become conscious of those unproductive reactions, we can choose to change them, thereby removing roadblocks to our progress in creating the lives we really want.Our reality map is unique to each of us; no one else has the exact same reality.Furthermore, NLP can be used to change the way we interact with our reality, with huge implications for every area of our lives.NLP draws its inspirations from a number of different areas of psychology and science. It’s sort of an “open-source” system, with a large number of people constantly adding to its growing knowledge base.In essence, and unlike many strands of mainstream psychology and therapy, NLP is less concerned with “curing” whatever is “wrong” with a person and instead focusing on what makes people effective and on what works well.You may be familiar with the saying that “insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.” NLP assumes that every person is already working perfectly, and that what appears to be “wrong” with someone is actually the perfect response to their current map of their world.By changing your map (that is, how you think about the world and your place in it), you can change your behaviors.Needless to say, NLP has many potential applications in business, along with the other areas of your life. There are models that can help you locate your hidden talents and skills and bring them to full flower, as well as teach those skills to other people.There are models of communications and behavior that can help you improve relationships with your clients, and become more effective in all areas of your business.Put simply, NLP is about studying human excellence in all its forms, but not in the sense of putting that excellence on a far-off pedestal, but studying it and learning how to model those things that we would like to be doing.And, unlike other competitive tools, using NLP is not one of those things that will lose its advantage once it becomes more widely used, forcing you to abandon it and search for the next cutting-edge thing.NLP strengthens and sharpens your unique strengths and advantages, which no competitor can take away from you.Since that time, it has grown to where it is an international phenomenon used by millions. Its methods and principles are applied in many diverse areas, including sales, marketing, education, therapy, sports, personal development, and more.A good thing to remember is that NLP is the study of what we already do – our patterns, beliefs, and thinking – so we can focus on and strengthen what does work, and take focus away from the elements that act as (often unconscious) roadblocks and keep us from reaching our potential.


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