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If you were to take a poll on what was the most popular form of making money on the Internet, you’d probably get about a 50-50 split between affiliate marketing and selling on Ebay. From the people I have spoken to, Ebay seems to give them more of a feeling of really running their own business. I didn’t really get that feeling because I’d already created my own products to sell online. But I can understand their feeling of excitement. They had to jump through a lot of hoops to sell on Ebay, especially if they were into drop shipping. Make no mistake about it. Selling on Ebay is a real rush. There power trip of being totally in control of everything is far beyond the rush you get from selling an affiliate product where you have no control over the commission structure, website or anything. With Ebay, you make or break it on every level.However, with that kind of rush comes a great deal of responsibility. There’s nobody to lean on when you’re selling on Ebay. You are your own boss and everything falls on your shoulders. There’s no Clickbank to turn to for refunds. All refunds come out of your pocket and if there are enough customer complaints, you can be shut down in an instant. So you better make sure that you run a tight ship.So, you want to sell on Ebay. Okay, if that’s the case, you better have a solid game plan as shown in this book.


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