Colorado Car Crash Chase Branagan Author
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Two short m/m romances.Colorado Car Crash: Alone on a long drive and a dark road, Will does what any twenty-something year old guy would do in his situation: he starts jacking off. When a cow steps into the middle of the road, Will wrecks and meets his sexy savior, Graham, who pulls Will from the wreck. The night ends better than Will expected when Graham waits for him at the hospital, offering to take him home for the night.House on Fire: When Tobias wakes up and hears his fire alarm going off, he worries about the safety of the beautiful man, Forrest, he had brought home from the bar. Once he assess the situation and discovers that his house is on fire, he prepares to flee. Only, he's still naked, and so is Forrest, and the two delay their escape for a little love making.


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