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How to Unpack Without ExplodingOne of the forgotten steps in moving is the fact that physically moving your belongings from one spot to another is only part of the deal. Once you get your boxes and your mattress and your desk to its final destination, you still have to be able to find everything and put everything where it belongs. A rule of thumb when surveying your house is that no matter how many box-fulls you think you have, a good idea is to at least increase your most generous estimate by at least 50 percent. And remember, for every box you pack, that's a box you have to unpack.According to data from the US Census, 14 percent of all American households last year moved. That translates to somewhere around 40 million people switching addresses. Most of us take weeks, sometimes months to slowly and painstakingly categorize, wrap and pack all of our belongings. We spend months looking at prospective houses, arguing with our real estate agent and we spend days with our fingers crossed hoping we got the property we wanted.But once you do get your dream house, then what? You took all this time to get everything ready and then you leave yourself....


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