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Here are some paragraph from this book,If you have a website that sells a product online, and you’ve built in a fair amount of room into your price for it, then you have an opportunity to use a GREAT free traffic source.In fact, running your own Affiliate Program helps you out in more ways than one. By signing up affiliates to go out and sell your product for you, you’ll not only build a huge salesforce, (assuming you make your offer tempting for them) but you will also be building hordes of one-way, targeted links back to your website as they advertise in the various places.Drawbacks?You must be persuasive to get an interested following to do some serious selling for you. It can also be slow to get all those links built up, but link building is just a side benefit anyway.To overcome this issue, simply build more room into your price so that the monetary gain for your affiliates is too tempting for them to refuse. 50% commissions are quite standard these days on informational products, with some products go all the way up to 100% commission structure, so that the seller can build up a newsletter list.


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