Bi Polar: Having Symptoms Of Depression, Anxiety You May Have Bi Polar Dissorder Find Out What You Need To Know About Being Bi Polar Dr. Amid Gupta Au
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Most individuals that suffer from bipolar have one goal. That goal is to live a life that is as normal as can be. To get through today without having any emotional problems, to make it through the big meeting at work without having people wonder what is wrong with you and to simply be able to enjoy your daughter's graduation are all additional goals that you may have.Before you can fully learn to cope with bipolar, you need to fully understand your condition. You need to know what things happen, as best that you can, so that you can then trigger your coping mechanisms to work for you. There is no 100 percent sure way of stopping these things from happening to you. But, there are countless things you can learn to do to help you to improve your outlook. To get to that point, we will start by giving you all of the information you need about your condition so that you can better understand what is happening to you. If you are a family member who just wants to help someone that has bipolar, then by all means, you too can learn all that you need to in order to deliver the help that you can give to them.Here are some of the topics covered in this book:*Understanding Bipolar*Bipolar: The Medical Side*Do You Have Bipolar?*What's The Cause?*Are You At Risk?*Should You Go To The Doctor?*Who Should I See?*BiPolar Treatment*Stress & Anxiety*Your Options*Medications*Psychotherapy*Electroconvulsive Therapy*What's Right For You?*The Truth About BiPolar Disorder*Noncompliance And Nonadherence*You Don't Understand Your Illness*Dependency*They Don't Like The Doctor*The Side Effects*What Else Can It Be?


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