101 Tips for Overcoming Addiction (Well-formatted with ATOC) Ebook Legend Editor
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This book is for anyone suffering from addiction as well as family and friends of someone who is suffering from addiction, and would like more information and facts about addiction and recovery.What's Inside?:Introduction Dealing with AddictionUnderstand AddictionsUnderstanding AddictionDefining AlcoholismDefining Drug AddictionDefining Porn and Internet AddictionDefining Gambling AddictionBelieve that Recovery is PossibleSigns of AddictionAddictions Don’t Start OvernightUnderstand the Stages of RecoveryTell Others You Want to QuitAsk Family and Friends to be There for YouInternalizing those External ElementsUnderstanding EmotionsThe “Internal” Stage of AddictionThe “Life Style Change” Stage of AddictionThe “Life Breakdown” Stage of AddictionRecovery Takes TimeAlcohol Addiction – Saying “No” to InvitationsThe Negative Role of Anxiety and DepressionHave a PlanThe Factor of Compulsion and ObsessionTreatment is a Lifelong CommitmentDetox is CompulsorySuccessful DetoxDetox takes TimeUsing Rapid DetoxThe Procedure of Rapid DetoxAlcohol DetoxAlcohol Detox and Physical SymptomsThe Process of Alcohol DetoxLiver Detox ExplainedLiver Detox of Alcohol AddictionDetox CentersDetox Centers for Substance AbuseDetox Center ProceduresDetox ProgramsChoosing a Detox ProgramDetox for HealthAddiction to Oxycontin and DetoxOxycontin Detox ProceduresWhere to find Oxycontin DetoxVicodin AddictionVicodin DetoxWhat to Expect from Vicodin DetoxAlexander TechniqueFinding BalanceBreathing TechniquesFinding Personal PowerArt for TherapyBaby Steps to FitnessExercise – Anything GoesThe Importance of Walking for Addiction RecoveryThe Advantages of FitnessThe Importance of NutritionDrink Plenty of WaterAlternative HealthAcupunctureHealth and Mind Techniques for AddictionMeditation and Addiction RecoveryRelaxation and Addiction RecoveryReflexology and Addiction RecoveryYoga and Addiction RecoveryFitnessStarting a Fitness ProgramThe Importance of Diet and ExerciseUsing Herbs during RecoveryQuit SmokingEating Addictions - Recognize an Eating AddictionEating Addictions - Get Professional Help for Eating DisordersDealing with DenialNight Time StretchingThe Value of Internal CuesControlling your Internal CuesManagement of Internal CuesPersonal AwarenessUnderstanding your Emotional StateThe Dangers of Environmental StimulusEnvironmental stimulus internal cues reaction action.External Events as Stimulus to AddictionAddiction and ResponseLetting External Cues Affect your ThinkingThe Addict and Decision MakingThe Power of using AffirmationsWhy the Addict needs Personal PowerAttitudes and BeliefsSuccessful Treatment FactorsGive yourself RewardsRecovery for YourselfSupport SystemAddiction is a Compulsive BehaviorAccept Responsibility for your AddictionLearn your TriggersLearn to Accept your FeelingsCommitmentAlcoholism - Find New ActivitiesAlcoholism – Don’t Make ExcusesFocus on Self-ImprovementAdequate Treatment TimeInvoluntary TreatmentTeens and DrugsFacts about Teen Addiction


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