Bipolar Disorder Exposed: Buckle Up! Can You Live With This? Margo B. Warner Author
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Contents of this book include:Understanding Bipolar To Get Help Bipolar: The Medical Side Do You Have Bipolar?What’s The Cause? Are You At Risk? Should You Go To The Doctor? Who Should I See? Why Should I Get Help Anyway? The Stress Goes Farther Your Doctor’s Bipolar Treatment Medications Psychotherapy Electro-convulsive Therapy What’s Right For You? Why So Many Struggle With Treatment Noncompliance And Non-adherence You Don’t Understand Your Illness Dependency They Don’t Like The Doctor The Awful Side Effects What Else Can It Be? Learning To Cope With Bipolar Disorder The Way You Sleep Monitor Your Medications Maintain Your Level Of Activity Don’t Use Drugs Or Alcohol Support Reduction Of Stress Watch For Signs Keep Your Doctor Informed Why You Should Consider Support Groups Who Is Your Support Group? Outside Support Coping By Monitoring Symptoms: The Mood Chart What Is It?


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