A Beginners Book of Chess Wm. F. Drueke Author
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Scanned, proofed and corrected from the original hardcover edition for your reading pleasure. (Worth every penny!) Chess is a fascinating game. Its easy to learn, fun to play and you can never be too inexperienced a beginner or too seasoned a player not to have this ebook handy! This ebook cover many areas of chess and is liberally illustrated. The table of contents: Foreword, Chess Movement of Pieces, Notation, Technical Terms, Relative Value of Pieces, The Laws of Chess. The author's FOREWORD: In placing this little volume before the public we hope to offer a Beginners Book of Chess that will in a clear and concise mariner explain the elements of our Royal Game. As to the arrangement of the text, the movement of each of the pieces is first given and this text is followed by a printed diagram illustrating this power in action; immediately following are general observations founded on the experience of masters and students of the theory of the game. We have drawn freely from Steinitz and other recognized authorities on the game for many of the definitions and deductions quoted. We have included a generous number of illustrating diagrams and we believe they will be found exceedingly helpful to the beginner, who is first given an abstract statement followed by a concrete example in the accompanying diagram. In learning the game nothing of course can quite equal personal teaching wherein the scholar and teacher meet and immediate play and instructions are joined in the lesson. The student is urged, if desirous of substantial improvement in play, to play regularly and with players stronger than himself.


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