Frederick the Great : Instructions Pentagon Press Author
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From Vegetius to Frederick II 'The Great', King of Prussia (1713-86) is a quantum jump from 390 AD to 1740 AD. But, as already mentioned earlier Vegetius had dominated military thought for over a thousand years; and it can be said that the turning point, or commencement of the modern era, started with Frederick the Great...Also we have many best titles which you will like:1. Bhagwad Gita & Management2. Clausewitz : Principles of War3. Aftermath of a Nuclear Attack4. Vegetius : De Re Militari5. Sun Tzu : The Art of War6. The Little Guide to Equity Mutual Funds7. Japanese (Re)Militarization and Asia8. Global Climate Change Beyond Copenhagen9. Airforce Maintenance & Planning10.Energy Management11.Talibanisation of Pakistan12.Global Business Negotiation13.Emissions Trading and Carbon Management14.War Zone Mumbai 15.Global Crude Oil Business


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