The FAQ Guide to Google Search and the Android Browser for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and all Android phones and tablets (updated) Matthew Shuchman Author
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This book is a user-friendly plain-language approach to learning Google Search and the Android Browser with 70 step-by-step examples illustrated with more than 250 images and screenshots. No previous Android or computer background is required to understand the Guide and learn from the examples.For the beginner, this Guide is an excellent self-paced step-by-step tutorial, and for the more advanced user it is a resource for learning new features, details of options, and personal customizations.This is the first published book devoted exclusively to Google Search and the Android Browser. Although the screenshots used are from several Galaxy Tab models, Google Search and the Android Browser are the same for most new Android phones and tablets. If you own an Android 2.2 or 2.3 device then this book was written for you.Quick Start Guide - 30 minutes The first part of the Guide is a Quick Start to using Google Search and the Android Browser. After 30 minutes working with this book and your Android device you will feel comfortable searching the web, moving around the screen, navigating inside the browser, Google searching via keyboard and voice input, using voice shortcuts, and sharing your search results with others.Even if you have experience using earlier Android versions, you will still benefit from reviewing the Quick Start Guide. After the Quick Start, the remaining sections of the Guide are more step-by-step explanations with illustrations and screenshots of how to use more of the features, details of options and customizable settings available in the Android Browser.Included in this Guide are details and examples of:• Google Searching by voice• More than 25 Google voice search commands• Why zooming doesn't always work• Advanced Zooming techniques• Using a loupe to capture text and images• Five ways to start a Google search• More than 20 Browser and Google Search shortcuts• Downloading images and webpages • Managing multiple Browser windows• Learning the Android tap dances• Managing and saving bookmarks • Sharing your searches with Facebook• Saving your phone's search history on Google's servers• Translating your search results • Managing your browser downloads• How to reveal hidden settings• How to speed up the Browser• Keeping your passwords private• Erasing your website browsing trail • Making your Android display pages like an iPhoneCompatible Phone modelsA partial list of Android 2.2 and 2.3 phones includes: Motorola DROID X, DROID 2, DROID PRO, Milestone, Bravo, Charm, Defy, and I1; HTC Aria, Droid Incredible, Desire, EVO, Hero, MyTouch, DROID Eris, and DROID Incredible; LG Ally; Google Nexus One and Nexus S (2.3); Samsung Acclaim, Galaxy S series, Captivate, Epic, Mesmerize, Moment, Showcase, Transform, Vibrant, and Galaxy Tab; and, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.


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