The Pulpit Commentary-Book of 1st Peter H.D.M. Spence Author
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You are about to download the Book of 1st Peter from The Pulpit Bible Commentary for your eBook reader device!Be sure to search for the other books of the Bible from the Pulpit Commentary series!Instead of downloading the entire Pulpit Commentary in its entirety, we have conveniently broken this monumental work into individual books. This allows you to save more free space on your device and makes for faster searches and quicker navigation. We sincerely hope these features will enhance your studies and maximize your reading experience.One of the largest commentary sets of its kind, the Pulpit Commentary helped to set the standard of conservative theology and every day application of Biblical truth. The Pulpit Commentary is truly an EXHAUSTIVE Bible resource, containing nearly 30,000 pages of verse-by-verse exposition, a translation, historical and geographical information, followed by the homiletics section, homilies by numerous authors, a homiletical index to the Bible, and a complete general index. Expressing the best of twentieth century Biblical scholarship, the Pulpit Commentary in this wonderful electronic format is an absolute must-have for any preaching student or pastor.This commentary set is a well-respected work written by conservative, trustworthy men. Nearly 100 contributors assisted its two editors: H.D.M. Spence and Joseph S. Exell. Generally, the exposition and homiletics for each book are by one author while the sermons are by 3 to 6 other authors. In all, their 30-year effort has stood the test of time and has remained a popular and trusted resource for nearly a century.This treasured set has never been so easy and convenient to use. The intimidating print edition of this massive collection is a whopping 23 volumes in size and takes up a GIGANTIC amount of shelf space. Who has that kind of room in their library? Not to mention all the dust that those numerous, bulky books collect! Also, if you have priced the full set then you know you will be spending a GIGANTIC amount of money for all that inconvenience...This electronic edition allows you to access the selected work from your device, saving you a great deal of time as well as valuable shelf space and hard-earned money! There simply is no comparison to the convenience of the electronic versus the printed edition.The beauty of the Pulpit Commentary lies in the way it breaks down each Biblical passage and gives 3 distinct expositional tools to its reader. First, it offers an introductory Exposition with commentary and general observations on the passage from a wide range of theological perspectives. Second, it includes a Homiletics guide with devotional insights, teaching suggestions and ideas for practical application of the messages. Finally, there is a Homilies section which includes actual sermons given by the authors of that volume, with a point by point analysis of the major themes. As a whole, these 3 treatments of each passage provide a detailed outline of its key concepts, all while retaining a rich sense of biblical context--context of both the immediate book and the larger themes of Scripture. This powerful combination of expositional teaching is sure to bring you insight for every part of the Bible and every part of your life.


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