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It took some of our most skilled, passionate, caring elected officials, and our most vile, contemptible, self-interested politicians over a year to compromise on an answer to our health insurance dilemma. The results of their efforts, i.e. Obamacare, permanently marries health insurance with our duty, as Americans, to pay taxes. That the reason for high premiums is NOT the citizens of this great country and is, in fact, the health insurers themselves is the uncomfortable truth which will lay on your kitchen table when you have to pay a few thousand dollars extra in taxes for not buying their products to protect your health risk, even if you have no risk needing protection at the time. The will of the people, as individuals, is no longer a factor; you cannot decide to forgo buying coverage for mammograms, pap smears, and pregnancies without paying 2.5% and more of your income to the government, even if you are a man. You must purchase coverage for testicular cancer and prostate examinations or lose $1737 in one year, even if you are a single mother with 3 children. Financing the care of your body is now a federal government matter, and less of your concern than it was before the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.All because there is “no better option?” Bull! I found a great alternative; it’s inside, and it works for everyone. Read up and speak now against the wedding of health insurers (the people who are paid to finance our healthcare) and our government (the people who hold the most power over our lives)…...or forever hold your peace. This is no longer about ideology. This is about MONEY, and I still want mine...How ‘bout you?


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