WHEN YOU RIDE ALONE YOU RIDE WITH BIN LADEN: What the Government Should be Telling Us to Help Fight the War on Terrorism Bill Maher Author
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Political provacateur Bill Maher tells it like it is in a useful and hilarious guide for the many Americans who want to do more here at home to help in the war effort, but are at a loss as to how. 33 dynamic new posters and several classics from our government's archive, accompanied by text from one of our leading pundits and cutting-edge comedians make this the perfect book for this time in our nation's history and will help Americans make the connection between what we can do and how it will help our troops to victory. Says Maher, Traveling the country, I find that people want to do more here at home, but are at a loss as to what. Even when the government issues a Terrorism Advisory,it's maddeningly vague -'Terrorist alert today! Code Burnt Orange!' 'And what?' I always want to ask. Bring a sweater?'


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