Brainstorming - The Dynamic New Way to Create Successful Ideas (240-page ebook) Charles H. Clark Author
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Creative ability is most frequently the opposite of good judgment. Creative ability includes the tendency to experiment with novel ideas that might be unsound. It includes a good deal of the gambler's spirit where the individual sticks his neck out and tries something new, perhaps even wild or crazy. Therefore, by its very nature, creative ability is on the opposite end of the scale from good judgment. In other words, if we were to draw a line to represent the various degrees of creative ability and sound judgment, we would put great creativity at one end and sound judgment at the other. The better manager, when rated along this line, would be much closer to the good judgment end than to the creativity end. So we immediately see that a good manager may automatically constitute a barrier to an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Consequently, this is a real challenge to business leaders: how to combine a flow of creative new ideas with sound evaluation.Table of Contents of this 241-page eBookThe difference an idea makesThe stork does not bring themBraingstorming? What is that?Mixing the witch's brewKeep 'em rollingAfter the storm is overIdeas? In my company?The preaching practicedSolos and small combosIf comes king size, tooTake it home to mamaThe shoe fits, put it onTroubles are a brainstormer's best friendThe complete brainstormerSecrets of a successful idea manAmerica's last frontier


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