SUBJECTED: Parallax - a novel (book 1) G. F. SMITH Author
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Subjected: Parallax~ Are We Meant to Be More...Than Human?A Scientist and a reclusive Writer are led by a mysterious, oddly inane space/time traveler on journeys to the past and the future, in a desperate effort to re-balance reality after a ruthless corporate mogul uses the scientist's discovery to alter history to his own making.--------------------------------------------------------------Amidst the burgeoning political and environmental chaos of the mid-21st century, Dr. Levi Tolliver discovers a hidden property of our DNA: the key that unlocks the secrets of matter, energy, and time.Following the discovery, a mysterious individual from another dimension takes Dr. Tolliver off-planet giving him instructions to seek out metaphysical author, Daniel J. Sayer. Once together, the two find themselves being led to seemingly obscure points in history, trying to stop a madman who, through a limited, yet disturbing application of the doctor's discovery, can now send his mind back in time. And who, through mental coercion and oppression--bordering on the edges of possession--is consequently changing history for his own ends, by changing the people who will make it.This discovery portends a paradigm shift of unparalleled proportions. Leading the two to question: Is the discovery intended to advance humanity, or destroy it? Are we truly destined to be more...than human?The Subjected Series was written to be read in any order.Other books in this Series:The Prequel:Subjected: Eye of GodandThe Sequel:Subjected: the PredicateAvailable in Print and eBook formatsatLeading Online Retailers andgfsmithbooks [dot] com


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