The Ultimate Collection Of Tips For Figuring Out Bipolar Disorders: An Overview Of Bipolar Causes, Bipolar Symptoms And Bipolar Treatment So You Can H
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We all have good moods and bad moods, good days and bad days, on and off moments. People with bipolar disorders, however, feel bad more deeply, go off more frequently. The shifts between good and bad thoughts and feelings, the up's and down's in energy and behavior are in the extreme, going far beyond what is reasonable or moderate. If left untreated, conditions only worsen so that people with bipolar disorders can get destructive and harm themselves and others around them. People with bipolar disorders can experience these signs symptoms one at a time or a mix of several all at once:* Poor concentration* Sleep problems* Loss of appetite and weight changes* Lack of energy, extreme sluggishness* Extremely energetic even with lack of sleep* Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, emptiness* Impulsive thoughts, rushing from one idea to the next* Mixed feelings of irritability and anxiety* Thoughts of suicideBipolar disorder is a serious mental condition. Medication and behavior therapy , self-help techniques and a strong supportive group can control the symptoms and help with coping productively. While it is challenging to live with bipolar disorders, many people with the condition do get better and are able to have happy family lives, satisfying relationships and successful careers.


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