THE COMING OF CASSIDY (Hopalong Cassidy Series #4) Western Novels Comparable to Louis L'amour westerns Clarence E Mulford Author
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This book has been carefully edited “line-by-line” to eliminate transcription errors and to match the original edition. It has not been “edited for content” and includes all original racial slurs, odd spellings, cussing, drinking and the like.Clarence E Mulford takes you back to the beginning by relating the stories (as told to him by Red and the boys of the BAR-20) of how Buck Peters started the BAR-20 ranch. It tells of how he picked up Hopalong Cassidy, Red Connors, Skinny Thompson, and many of the other colorful characters in this famous series. Although it’s a prequel, it is better to read this as the fourth book in the series, because it mentions events that won’t mean as much if you haven’t read the first three books.


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