Patent Protection For Your Original Works: A Complete Guide On How To Get A Patent With Details On Patent Application, Patent Attorneys And Patenting
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If you have an inventive mind, you might want to consider getting your original creations patented.A patent is an exclusive right officially granted to you as the creator of a product, idea, design, device or any original creation. It is an official document awarded by the government granting you sole ownership and the right to make, sell or use in any way your own invention for your own profit or benefit. Without patent protection, you stand the risk of somebody else infringing on your intellectual property. Some other person can claim your invention or creation as his own and make money off it. Patent protection is valuable to you. You can gain fame and money from it, even a lifetime income out of it. For 20 years, no one else can use your invention without you getting some money or any form of benefit as payment or as a return for the use of your invention. There are many types of patents. Not all original works can be granted a patent. You can spend thousands of dollars on costs to get a patent. You will need to hire a professional patent agent to do patent research. As patent law is complicated, you will need a patent attorney to represent your patent claim at the Patent Trademark Office (PTO). With the information in this book, you can learn more about how you can benefit from patents and how you can get patent protection so you can use your exclusive rights wisely.


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