Rome Falling David Maier Author
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First, warnings of doom from unknown origins. Then, warnings to cease all communications. Then, nothing...In 1985, young Matt Kuhl has a close encounter with something he can't explain. Although he will spend his entire life trying to forget it, it will forever mark him as a target. A target for more terrifying encounters as well as for those who would exploit him to understand more.Len Anderson is a no-nonsense FBI special agent with an ability to explain away any strange occurrences. Until he runs head-first into a top-secret government project dedicated to uncovering the intelligence behind the encounters.Dr. Howard Gottlieb is a German scientist who watches the Americans' progress from afar. Having worked for his country's team decades earlier, he had resisted his homeland's decision to disband the project since it was felt there was nothing that could be done to stop the inevitable.As they struggle to learn what is behind the encounters and protect humanity from impending doom, it becomes a race against time against a foe far greater than any threat ever imagined. One that would cross over geographical, political and religious boundaries and unite humankind in a fight for existence and potentially lead us into a higher level of enlightenment of our place in the universe.


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