Short Story Coupling: Border Patrol, A Fairy Tale Jeff Roby Author
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Short Story Coupling: Border Patrol (and) A Fairy Tale, brings together two farcical tales involving characters desperately longing for a better life (or at least some amorous coupling). In Border Patrol, a senior military officer close to retirement is teamed with a wild new recruit (with ties to a couple of infamous southern families) and placed in a boring outpost by the homeland security chiefs. Bringing a little spice to their lives starts a chain of events involving a Chicago model and an Arab terrorist. Events continue to swing wildly out of control until they hit the wall in a weird conclusion that will have you screaming WHAAAT? and possibly dropping your ebook device (sorry). A Fairy Tale is best imagined being told by Edward Everett Horton (if you're old enough to remember Rocky & Bullwinkle) and shows what can happen when a hairy fairy godmother (picture Bruce Vilanch) waves the tinsel stick (and other assorted things from, her magic bag) to teach a pudgy aging princess how to find a hot young prince in the age of internet technology. Nothing and no one is sacred in the twisted tales that emerge here.


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