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Everything you need to know to get the most Social Security checks you are entitled to -- as fast as possible.NOTE: This is book is all-original and all-unique.The Table of Contents is fully linked.Ex Social Security claims representative (30 years with the agency) "pulls back the curtain" about what it takes to get approved for retirement, disability, SSI and Medicare.Cuts through the bureaucratic red tape and obfuscation and tells you in plain language what the law says and -- most importantly -- what the law MEANS and how it may apply to you and your situation.You can get the legal facts from Social Security, but the language is spun by lawyers. The agency does not explain the consequences of the facts unless you have a solid background in the programs and are really good at reading between the lines.Who This Book is ForEverybody who is in their fifties or early sixties and considering their retirement options.People who have severe medical problems and are considering applying for disability benefits from SSA and/or SSI.People who have already applied for such disability benefits and who are still awaiting a decision.People on Social Security disability who want to understand better what happens if they work.People on SSI who want to understand how their check amounts are determined.People approaching Medicare either through age (65) or two years on disability.People who've just suffered the death of a spouse.Family and helpful friends of the above.Lawyers and other representatives who genuinely wish to help their clients.Everybody who's currently working under the United States Social Security system -- (that is, almost everybody who's working inside the U.S. but not for a state or local government).Several years ago, in an attempt to reduce their workload backlog, the agency instructions Claims Representatives to stop giving retirement applicants a breakeven analysis.Here is the information you need to know to choose the month that's right for you -- how the month you retire affects the amount of your checks, and how the rest of your life should affect your decision.What's right for your neighbor won't be right for you.The legal facts are publicly available in Social Security's claim manual (POMS) which you can read online. But that won't tell you how to file to get the most benefits possible, as fast as possible.Includes clearer and expanded explanations, comments on how the regulations are applied in real life, examples, pointers on how to legally help yourself and avoid common mistakes, and some true anecdotes that pertain to the content.Get the insights of someone who worked in a Social Security field office for over thirty years.This book is intended to help you help your Claims Representative and your disability counselor make the best -- and fastest -- decision possible.Best is the one that gets you the most money you're lawfully entitled to.Many people think SSA is "out to get them" and is picking on them personally.Ridiculous. SSA employees are far to busy to want to "target" or single you out personally.Most claimants are far more harmed by their own actions or failure to act in a timely fashion than by anything SSA does.This goes into all the many things you can do to help yourself, and how to avoid doing the many things that sabotage your chances of getting approved.* 2 things that delay the startup of benefit checks. The first has to do with your lifestyle, but the second can -- and should be -- cleared up BEFORE you file your application.* The three questions you must ask yourself before you pick the month to retire* What is your Full Retirement Age, and you can get checks earlier* If you became disabled unable to work tomorrow, could you draw Social Security disability?* The biggest single reasons people are denied for disability. How to avoid the one that is always the claimant's fault.


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