Doorways to Significance: Finding Peace, Power, Passion Pat Holland Conner Author
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“Whether black or white, fat or skinny, everyone can relate to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt expressed in this book. The important point is to take that first step on the road to self-love and acceptance. Pat Holland Conner did exactly that.”---Catherine Mastrantuono, Healthcare Organizational Development SpecialistBorn in the South during the 1940s, an African-American girl with white skin was destined to live with secrets, shame and intolerance from her family as well as the black and white community. She grew up feeling unworthy and desperate to belong. When her three-year-old son wondered why she was white and the rest of the family black, she struggled with an answer.At age 50, divorced and discouraged, she knew she had to make a change, a dramatic one, and she did what few have the courage to do. She joined the Peace Corps and traveled throughout Asia and the Middle East for seven years, an opportunity chockfull of rich experiences and personal growth. To her amazement, she discovered she fit in everywhere.Through deeply moving stories imbued with humor and grace, Pat Holland Conner will transport you to exotic parts of the world where acceptance of others transformed her life spiritually, emotionally and mentally from fear andalienation to self-acceptanceand approval.Pat Holland Conner, writer, family therapist and substance abuse counselor, lives in Reno. She is owner of Peaceful Path Consulting, established to promote local education, self-growth and awareness events. She teaches self-esteem classes and has worked as a counselor, trainer and educator in the USA, Asia and the Middle east. Pat now spends time writing, traveling, networking and attending personal retreats.


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