The Curable Romantic: Advice for the Romance-Impaired Katharine Miller Author
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From the introduction: We’re all a little romance-impaired in some way. Otherwise we’d have fewer self-help books and sappy love songs. The road to love is bumpy. Hell, the road within love is bumpy, steep, and has several sharp curves.The Curable Romantic is a short collection full of humorous essays and illustrations focused on the challenges one encounters in matters of the heart. Each of the 25 essays explores a different aspect of relationships, from falling in love to calling it quits.Drawing on inspiration from real life dating experiences, Katharine provides new insight into romantic behavior and shares some possible solutions and tips for successful relationships. When you need a fresh perspective on relationships and have grown tired of the Men are from Mars and Just Not that into You self-help selections, pick up The Curable Romantic.


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