The Knowing Gene Robert Lange Author
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One might think that being able to know the truth about anything would be a wonderful gift to have. Unfortunately, as Christian Faraday discovered--it wasn't.A strong psychic ability suddenly thrust upon him by an unusual incident at 14,000 feet, Christian thinks he is being a good citizen in helping the FBI solve a series of high profile disappearances. Unfortunately, he proves so valuable that he finds the peaceful life he shares with his daughter quickly transformed. A series fast-paced adventures quickly ensues as various governmental and criminal organizations vie to monopolize his newly acquired ability--and not altogether for altruistic purposes.As Christian and his daughter manage to elude the authorities, a beautiful CIA agent relentlessly pursues him, only to find herself becoming a significant part his adventure.Laced throughout with surprising action, subtle humor, and simmering romance, The Knowing Gene is a fast, easy, and entertaining read for all ages.


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