The Princess & The Thug Luvvenia Hawkins Author
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Westside Story meets Romeo & Juliet in the 21st Century. Coming of age teenage love affair. After Miles lost his parents and was betrayed by his family, he swore he would never love or trust again. He turned to the streets and found comfort living as a gangster. He never expected to meet a girl in the middle of a turf war and falling in love with her wasn't an option. But what can a gangster do against the power of love? Hood Love. Angela had been on an outing with her bff and was just having a typical day at the park. Never could she have imagined that a small diversion in her route back home would lead her smack in the middle of chaos. Caught in the middle of a turf war between rival gangs what's a girl to do? No way out and you are trapped underground in a tunnel what can she do? One love, two worlds colliding in the this crazy space called life. Angela and Miles will their love be enough?Hi my name is Angela. My bff name is Karen and we live in the Hills area. Just in case you don’t know; that’s the rich area of Chicago.We like to shop and go into the city to visit the lake front; you know do girl stuff. Well anyway we were doing our usual shopping and girl thing in the city when, guess what: OMfreakingG we got caught in the middle of a gang fight.Can you say freak the hell out? Yup that’s what we did. We were so scared. I mean there were shots being fired, people being beaten up and to top it all off, we were stuck underground in the subway. OH MY GOD! We had no way out.Anyway, suddenly there was a blast of sirens from above. And people really started freaking out. I mean it was really crazy and it was really wild. Me and my friend Karen; yup my bff we got separated and we didn’t know what was happening.That’s when I felt someone grabbed me, but I didn’t know who. It was dark. I mean REALLY dark. Next thing I knew I was being pulled; oops I mean dragged up the other end of the subway and out to a side street located in the Printer’s Row area of Chicago. That’s when it hit me: Holy Shit… I’ve just been kidnapped by one of the gangs.Yup that’s when I met him. OMG I HATE him… He is so arrogant and a know it all. Well it’s a long story and I really don’t have the time to give you the details, but you can read all about it. Don't miss out on The Princess & The Thug 2; Rex'S Revenge: Hood Love 2


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