Cheat Codes for Life: How to Achieve Anything with the Technologies of Success Robert Crayola Author
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Are you making the best decisions to guarantee your success? Cheat Codes For Life is a cookbook for success in all areas of your life: wealth, health, relationships, work, and happiness. Robert Crayola clearly presents 35 key areas to direct your energy and gives you specific techniques and exercises to get you results immediately. * Hundreds of principles that guarantee effortless success * Hints and Tricks to get your Money situation straightened out and working for you * How to identify the internal conflicts going on inside your head and reprogram yourself to always choose to do the activity that is most productive * Learn how being healthy is easy if you have the right information and mindset, and how the media conditions you to destroy your body * Packed with resources in each chapter: books, websites, and organizations to take you to the next level * How to set up the best environment to maximize your results and do the things you love * How to create the relationships you want and get rid of people holding you back * How to break your existing bad habits, no matter how severe (You already know what they are) * Jargon-free strategies and no fluff - if it's in the book, it works * Jam-packed with information you won't find anywhere else


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