With Lee in Virginia, A Story of the American Civil War G.A. Henty Author
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Back in Print! G. A. Henty's novel of the South and the War Between the States Readers are rediscovering G. A. Henty, the prolific 19th century author of historical adventures, whom George Grant calls a Victorian literary phenomenon. With Lee in Virginia introduces us to young Vincent Wingfield. Not yet 16, and back in Virginia after four years in England, Vincent finds conditions in the South and the country unsettled. Before long, war breaks out between the states and Vincent goes to fight for the South. Henty's gripping story weaves Vincent's adventures with the real life events and people of the War, teaching history as it entertains. Admiring of the South, but by no means downplaying the evils slavery wrought, Henty makes a valuable contribution to the field of children's literature with this rousing story that gives today's children a new perspective on the War Between the States. Vincent . . . was returning homeward, when he heard the sound of heavy blows with a whip and loud curses . . . For a moment he hesitated, and then, with a cry of rage Vincent leaped from his horse . . . and burst his way through the shrubbery . . . Vincent sprang forward, and seizing it (the whip), wrested it from the hands of the striker . . . You are a coward and a blackguard, Andrew Jackson! Vincent exclaimed, white with anger. You are a disgrace to Virginia, you ruffian! . . . The slave who had been flogged . . . ran up to Vincent, threw himself on his knees, and taking the lad's hand pressed it to his lips. I am afraid I haven't done you much good, Vincent said. You will be none the better off for my interference; but I couldn't help it. So saying, he made his way through the shrubbery, cleared the fence, mounted, and rode homeward. BONUS! This book includes a Build-Your-Vocabulary Glossary for quick look-up of words children may not know. Other G. A Henty Books Available from Lost Classics Book Company: The Young Carthaginian, In the Heart of the Rockies, A Tale of the Western Plains & For the Temple.


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