Dark Crusader Men's Costume
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A Medieval Anti-HeroSome knights get all the glory. Turns out all you had to do to get your name in the books was show up at a big circular table and tell a bunch of jokes around a bunch of blokes who you aren't even sure really knew how to ride a horse! Meanwhile, you walk around the court in your pretty stylish armor and folks freak out just because you like the look of black on silver. "Oh, no! The Dark Knight comes!" they scream and you're like, "Yeah, I just finished saving your town from roving bandits! You're welcome!?"Let's be honest. If you're not in a set of shining silver armor and speaking thirty unintelligible syllables per sentence, most of the villagers won't give you the time of day. We're here to change that, though, by showing that even those edgy crusaders can save the day. Design & Details Show that not all knights shine in the same style when you gear up in our Dark Crusader costume. This is a Made By Us design that channels the edgy quality we love in anti-heroes and applies it to the bold knights of the past! Start with an inspired tunic with the look of chain mail, and a hood to match. The full-length tabard is worn over top and provides the dark color you've quested for as well as a white cross on the chest. Cinch your look together with the double belts and pair of gauntlets and you're ready to tackle anything! (Though maybe a prop sword and shield wouldn't hurt!)The Dark KnightEvery legend has a story about the knight in shining armor saving the day. It is time for you to tell a story that is brand new when you step into this Dark Crusader costume and claim the tale for yourself! Don't forget your prop sword and shield because you don't want to end up like that other Black Knight of Camelot. (Let's go ahead and avoid even those flesh wounds, okay!?)



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