Women's Plus Size Pretty Pirate Captain Costume
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Hoist the Red FlagWe're taught to hide our dangerous side our whole lives. We all have our flaws. It's only fair if folks know what they're getting into. Letting out your pirate side can be so freeing! Instead of suffering through getting the wrong order in the restaurant and leaving a mean review online, you get to send it back until you get what you ordered (hardtack and anchovy paste?). And when you are getting frustrated by your boss continuously asking you to work late. Leave her with an unforgettable message by swinging from the chandelier and crashing through the window onto the deck of your ship below. And when you're heading out for the evening and someone cuts you off in traffic simply have your date steer your vessel, clench your dirk's blade in your teeth, launch yourself onto the other car, and commandeer it for your fleet. Either your date will see that red flag and run or they'll become intrigued and join your crew. Product Details & DesignThis Made-By-Us pirate costume is sure to make any scallywag feel tough yet fashionable. The faux leather printed jacket will swing with you when you swing from the masts. The light-weight blouse underneath has ruffles around the neckline and a dashing cumberbun sash around the waist. A heavy belt can clasp any prop weapons you choose to carry with you. The look is pulled together with the soft trousers and topped off with a jaunty tri-corn hat. Ready, Set, Row!When it comes to the pirate lifestyle, accessorizing is a whole lot of fun! Polish off your look with a jolly roger necklace. Wrap your hands in rags for climbing the ropes and throw on rings to trade for rum when you're in a tight place. And never forget to layer on the eyeliner. Like how you look? Leave a review of this costume and you'll have a special place in our crew for life!



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