The Richest Girl In The World (DVD)(2017)
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"Miriam Hopkins stars as Dorothy Hunter, orphaned by the Titanic and the wealthiest debutante in the world. So wealthy, in fact, that her whereabouts and appearance are a closely guarded secret. So secret that she uses her secretary Sylvia (Fay Wray) as a stand-in. After yet another abortive romance caused by the sheer magnitude of her wealth (""If only you were the second richest girl, that would have been different "" her ex explains), Dorothy aims to see if she can snag true love sans wealth, so she takes on Sylvia's identity full-time. Encountering a seemingly regular Joe, Tony (Joel McCrea), Dorothy may have found her man, but putting Tony to the test places Dorothy in a triangle -- with herself. Meanwhile, the married Sylvia's husband, Philip (Reginald Denny), is losing patience with her playing single, rich and fancy-free. Hopkins and Wray are a tag-team delight in this fractured fairy-tale romance."



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