Mind Reader Adjustable Jump Rope, (Pack of 4) Skipping Rope, Rapid Speed Jumping Rope Cable and 4.75" Handle, Ideal For Aerobic Exercise, Boxing, Speed Training, Endurance, MMA, and Fitness Gym, Red


The Best Cardio Workout - If you want a serious cardio workout, look no further, the adjustable speed rope is absolutely the way to go. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you'll enjoy the benefits of this skip rope. Jump / Skip roping is known to get your body toned and improve the cuts in your muscles..Ideal Way To Get Solid Abs - The best way to get abs is to train hard in the gym with a jump rope. Studies show the constant up and down movement that is required for jump roping is the fastest way to get a solid 6 pack of abdomens. Our jump rope is perfect for obtaining the perfect summer gym body..Easy to Adjust - The Mind Reader Jump Rope is extremely easy to adjust. STEP BY STEP ; Pull out the rope from the back. Open clip adjustment. Cut off the excess rope with a scissor or knife. Close the clip adjustment. Use your adjusted rope..Sports Fitness - Our exercise skipping rope can improve your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body. An excellent choice for boxing, MMA, and cross training..Jump Rump Handle Length: 4.75 Inches - Fitness Speed Rope Length: 9 Feet.Faster Jump Rope Than You Could Ever Imagine - Ball bearings in the handles allow the rope to spin freely and quickly while remaining tangle free. This allows you to jump at speed and with more confidence for a safer and better workout every time..Superior Control - Mind Reader jumping ropes are weighted just enough to feel the rope spin, thus giving you more control of your skipping rope. An excellent choice for boxers, fighters and those who need full control of the rope while exercising..Great Option For Professional Sports Athletes - Individuals performing intense cardio workouts would be satisfied with its speed, design, and control. CrossFit, HIIT, and low impact training all benefit from adding this skipping rope to the exercise routine..Suitable for Anyone - Men, women, and children from 4ft 9" to 6 ft 6" will be able to use the rope comfortably. Easy to adjust, they will encourage you to get fit fast with this basic yet effective fitness tool for burning fat..Compact and Easy to Carry - Never have an excuse to ever miss a workout again, so light and easy to carry with you anywhere and everywhere, easily fits in a backpack, briefcase, purse and even your pocket so that you can get in a workout anytime and anywhere.



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