Mind Reader Anchor Collection Tilt Adjustable Footrest, Black (FTROLL-BLK)
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Reduce strain on your back and legs while promoting better blood flow and improved circulation with this adjustable footrest. Designed to elevate your sitting experience, this footrest offers various height options for maximum comfort and relief. By achieving proper foot elevation, you can alleviate swelling in the limbs, ankles, and feet, as well as aid in spinal alignment. The center of the footrest features massage rollers that target the soles of your feet, providing a relaxing massage while you sit. The outer sides of the footrest are textured to prevent slipping, ensuring a secure footing. Additionally, the platform allows you to tilt the surface, keeping your leg and foot muscles active and engaged. This footrest makes an excellent gift for students. It will alleviate the discomfort that often comes with long study sessions, allowing them to focus and study more effectively. Measuring 18 inches long by 13 inches wide and with a height range of 3. 5 to 6. 75 inches (45. 72 x 33. 02 x 8. 89-17. 14 centimeters), our footrest is compact and lightweight, weighing just 4. 4 lbs (2 kgs). Improve your posture: Correcting poor posture is made easy with this footrest. By sitting in an upright position, you can avoid slumping in your chair, which can lead to back pain and other postural issues. Elevate your comfort: The height-adjustable feature of this ergonomic footrest allows you to find the perfect position for improved circulation and blood flow, reducing the risk of discomfort and fatigue. Enhance motivation: Experience a boost in your motivation levels as your body finds comfort and support. When you're physically at ease, it can positively impact your energy and mood, leading to increased productivity. Relief from pain: Say goodbye to aches and pains with the massage and tilting feature of this footrest. It provides soothing relief to your feet, reducing tension and promoting relaxation. Perfect dimensions: The footrest measures 18 inches in length, 13 inches in width, and has an adjustable height ranging from 3. 5 to 6. 75 inches (45. 72 x 33. 02 x 8. 89-17. 14 centimeters). It weighs 4. 4 lbs (2 kgs). Enhance Your Comfort with the Adjustable Footrest



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