NMC M441P Emergency and First Aid Sign, "EYE WASH STATION", 10" Width x 7" Height, Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, White On Green


Safety Signage: the sign is often used in laboratories and industrial facilities to inform the employees about the location of emergency eye wash station. It helps in timely treatment of chemical exposure or debris in the eye.Material: this sign is made of vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive backing and can be mounted on smooth, curved or irregular surfaces. The material is ideal for long-lasting indoor and outdoor application.Visibility: the legend “EYE WASH STATION” is printed in bold and legible text to ensure better readability in most lighting conditions and even from a distance.Product Specification: the rectangular vinyl sign is 0.004 in. thick with 10 in. width and 7 in. height. The sign has white text on green base and is also graffiti proof and resistant to UV and chemicals.Sign Muscle: this safety sign has NMC Sign Muscle coating to protect the text against fading, scratches, scuffing, and moisture. The UV-cured, clear coating creates a strong bond and also boosts the color and clarity



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