ENERLITES 8801-W-10PCS, Blank Device Wall Plate, Gloss Finish, Standard Size 1-Gang 4.50" x 2.76", Polycarbonate Thermoplastic, Electrical Covers for Unused Outlets/Switches, White 10 Pack


Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic material to provide durability, flexibility, and resilience to withstand hard impacts and heavy force.Heat & fade resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees which protects them against discoloration and fading over time. Flammability UL94, V2 rating.Easy replacement of any wall plate of the same configuration. Dimensions: 4. 50" height x 2. 76" length.Smooth finish without recessed lines and soft edges allows for easy cleaning.Includes painted screws to match the wall plate; UL-listed



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