Women's Sexy Ghostbuster Costume
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,p>Who says ghost-busting is only for the guys? We all know that’s not true, after seeing the impressive exploits of Abby Yates, Erin Gilbert, Patty Tolan and Jillian Holtzmann. They were able to save the city just like the ol’ boys, plus look five times better while they did so! Ever since you heard of their feats of bravery (and maybe a touch of insanity), you’ve longed to join them in their wild, unpredictable, never boring career choice.You’re in luck! It just so happens that the four Ghostbusters are holding auditions for a fifth member of their team. (Apparently, their secretary-turned-ghostbuster didn’t quite work out. Awkward…) But do you have what it takes to be part of such an elite team? You’re going to have to prove yourself. We’ve come up with some handy study guide questions to help you prepare:1. Do you know the different levels of ghosts? (There are 13. Be prepared to list them all in detail.)2. Do you remember where the women encountered their first ghost? (It was in a library.)3. What’s the difference between a spook and a specter? (A specter is a ghostly apparition, while a spook is a spirit returning to haunt a place.)Okay, now you have some study materials. But being a truly great Ghostbuster is about more than just head knowledge. It’s also about how confident you are—and that includes how well you can rock the Ghostbuster uniform. To help you practice your “don’t mess with me” strut (after all, ghosts can smell fear), we’re offering this Women’s Sexy Ghostbuster Costume.The Women’s Sexy Ghostbuster Costume is the perfect way to become a great Ghostbuster. The faux suede romper has a center-front zipper and embroidered Ghostbusters patches on the right shoulder and breast. There's a foam belt that looks at the waist and a baseball cap with a Ghostbusters patch on the front. Most importantly, there's a molded vinyl "Proton Pack" backpack that comes with. Plus, it’s machine washable, which is very important when you work in a career that puts you in contact with slimy green ooze on a nearly day-to-day basis. So join the ranks of the other incredible Ghostbusters and get ready—next time they call, they’ll call you.



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