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Beware the Fun-Sized Fright Nobody really wants to buddy up to Hannibal Lector and his nasty eating habits. Freddy Krueger doesn’t exactly inspire cuddly feelings with his razor blades and sinister face. And really, the original Michael Myers’ expressionless white mask would probably give you the heebie-jeebies in real life. But what if your kid wore that mask? We feel like we would be more tempted to say “Aww!” and invite him in for a Halloween party. Fortunately, this Myers is only interested in the destruction of candy. Your party is probably safe, even if your chocolate stash isn’t!Product Details Your child will serve up screams galore in this officially licensed, exclusive Halloween Kids Michael Myers Costume! When Michael first escaped the sanitarium, he felt he had more important things to do than find a change of clothes. Fortunately, you don’t need anything fancy to terrify people out of their minds. The blue jumpsuit has a front zipper and an elastic back waistband that is comfortable enough for randomly appearing near graveyards and chasing people through hospitals. The molded vinyl mask is modeled after Myers’ iconic blank-faced disguised (originally a Captain Kirk mask painted white), and has Myer’s slicked-back hair. It covers the whole face with holes for the eyes and stays on via an elastic strap. Can’t have it falling off, even if the whole neighborhood knows who you are behind it!What’s the Boogeyman?Unlike Myers’ movie family, you’ll be happy to see this little terror come home! Better beware closets while he has this costume on – it’s too good not to give your friends and family a few jump-scares!


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