Batman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Costume for Men
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You know those elementary school play yard arguments that seem to never go away? “My dad could beat up your dad” and the like? Well, those kinds of conflicts are admittedly pretty silly. We shouldn’t be arguing over a type of conflict that wouldn’t ever happen. Far better to keep our bets on the side of the heroes and villains of the comic book multiverse. The endless debate has raged on since the golden days of comic book lore and continues to incite rage into the geekdom, even now. It’s natural. We see our favorite heroes leap into the fray and put their lives on the line and heads in the (sometimes literal) guillotine in order to bring down the big bads and save the day.But, the question that always comes up and never seems to have a solid answer is who might win in a fight between the heroes. It’s the same fight as at the school yard, though. Why would heroes ever fight each other!? Still… it’d be the stuff of legends to see some of our favorite super heroes in the ring, putting their brawn and brains, their magic and might, their marvelous gadgets and mutant gifts against each other. (You know… at least until they join up to face the real threat.) But, how are we to ever see a real fight between Superman and Batman? It just would never happen… At least, we never really expected it to happen.But, you can not only see how the mighty conflict between the Man of Steel and the World’s Greatest Detective might go down, but you can be a part of the whole process. Thanks to the Dawn of Justice film and the fine fabrics we’ve gotten our hands on, you can step into the role of the Caped Crusader with this officially licensed Batman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage costume. This comfortable polyester jumpsuit has all the detailing to give you the look of the fearsome detective and the fiberfill padding to give you any martial artsy muscles that might need just a tad more definition. We’re full out of Kryptonite rings, so, do take a bit of care when confronting any Supes out there. Better yet, team up with Superman and Wonder Woman together and show everyone just how amazing the Justice League can look.


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